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Laser Strikes Threaten Pilot Safety

Aircraft laser strikes are a growing problem for pilots worldwide. The visual dazzle caused by laser strikes renders pilots unable to see clearly for many minutes. Long-term eye damage is an increasing concern.

7700 Reported laser strike incidents reported by commercial pilots in 2015.

1100% Increase in laser strikes reported in the last 10 years by the FAA.

35 The number of pilots to date requiring medical attention owing to laser incidents.

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Threats Exist At Three Different Visible Wavelengths

With widespread proliferation of handheld lasers at red, green and blue wavelengths, pilot protection demands blocking of all three common laser colors.

Although attempts to restrict sales of hand-held lasers in excess of 5 mW have begun, the components to build high-power lasers remain on the market, and powerful handheld lasers are easily assembled from these components.

Threats Exist At Three Different Visible Wavelengths

The Solution: Laser Defense Eyewear

The scientists at Perriquest® have spent countless hours in the laboratory studying the problem and developing this critical solution for pilots. Perriquest Laser Defense Eyewear® is the result. This advanced solution is designed for pilots and the demanding cockpit environment.

Read about the technology challenges PerriQuest® overcame to build laser protective eyewear with good cockpit visibility »

  • Highest level of protection
  • Effective across wide angle of view
  • Preserves colors in cockpit instruments and device screens

Color Discrimination

PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® preserves color discrimination in the cockpit, on the runway, and on mobile device screens. Colors shift, but remain distinct. See below a weather-radar image as seen on a mobile-device screen, viewed with and without laser defense lenses. Drag the bar left and right to see that color shift is minimal, and colors remain clear and within their hue.

Without protection With protection

Simulated image. Individual experience may vary.

Color Science

Color science data shows how colors change with and without the laser defense eyewear. PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® does not unusually limit the color perception of mobile device applications viewed by the wearer.

Color shift is minimal when wearing Perriquest® eyewear. As illustrated here, colors stay within the same hue, e.g. reds stay red. While some color shifting occurs, Perriquest® eyewear eliminates the possibility of color confusion.

Color Science

Advanced Protection is Here

Perriquest® has developed precision filter technology to address the threat of laser strikes. The comfortable, stylish eyewear provides the wearer dazzle protection from red, green and blue lasers, while maintaining color discrimination. In particular, the eyewear preserves visibility of instrumentation and lighting used for safety and navigation purposes. Contact our team.

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Advanced Protection is Here