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WTNH's interview with Dr. Perricone, Renowned Inventor Develops Laser Blocking Eyewear For Pilots

WTNH’s online coverage of Ann Nyberg’s interview with Dr. Perricone.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist known around the world for his age-defying line of makeup, but did you also know this Madison, Connecticut resident is an inventor of defense gadgets? He is CEO of his company called PerriQuest in Meriden, Connecticut, his motto at the company is: “innovations to safeguard those who serve. Dr.Perricone served time in the Army. He has just designed laser blocking eyewear for pilots at a cost of about $400.00 a pair. A set for daytime and for night-time. He is in the process of trying to convince the airlines that they should be buying these for their pilots. He says all colors of lasers that are being illegally pointed into the cockpits of planes as they are taking off and landing are covered. There are thousands of reports yearly around the world of this dangerous practice by culprits. Pilots are blinded temporarily by this, some have even suffered retina damage. The lasers can reach as high as 15,000 feet. Rarely are the suspects caught.