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PerriQuest™ Announces Launch of Laser Defense Eyewear for the Aviation Industry

(New York, NY - August, 2015) PerriQuest™, the defense research and development company, announces the launch of Laser Defense Eyewear: laser-blocking glasses with low-vision-impact and precision filter technology, which provide a full solution and the ultimate protection against the threat of laser flashing incidents.  Designed with pilots, U.S. Military personnel, law enforcement and transportation workers in mind, PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear provides stylish, wearable, and easy-to-use laser-dazzle protection from red, green and blue lasers, while maintaining color discrimination for the wearer to fly and operate cockpit display systems.

Aircraft laser strikes are a growing problem for pilots and on the ground personnel worldwide as the visual dazzle caused by laser strikes can cause sudden blindness. The loss of sight can be partial or total, and if gone untreated, long-term eye damage is possible. In 2013, there were over 3960 laser strikes reported by commercial pilots alone with many of these pilots requiring medical attention. The shocking research on laser strikes, noting an 1100% increase in FAA reported incidents in the last 10 years, led the PerriQuest team to develop a solution.

For the past two years, PerriQuest™ has had an intensive research and development program dedicated to finding a solution to the dangerous trend of laser attacks.  We are pleased to now provide a solution to pilots and law enforcement for this increasingly growing threat,” said PerriQuest™ founder, Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

The scientists at PerriQuest™, led by Nicholas Perricone, MD, have spent countless hours in the laboratory studying the laser strike problem and developing the optimal solution for pilots. The most advanced solution ever developed, PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear, is designed for pilots and the demanding cockpit environment as well as law enforcement and any other profession that could be at serious risk. The eyewear will retail for $400 and will be available at

With widespread proliferation of handheld lasers at red, green and blue wavelengths, pilot protection demands blocking of all three common laser colors. Although attempts to restrict sales of hand-held lasers in excess of 5 mW have begun, the components to build high-power lasers remain on the market, and powerful handheld lasers are easily assembled from these components.

Features and Benefits of PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear™:

  • Frames are super-strong, lightweight titanium metal
  • Glass lenses are processed by a Carl Zeiss Vision Laboratory for the ultimate in visual
  • clarity
  • Highest level of protection available
  • Effective across wide angle of view
  • Multi-wavelength spectrum protection – blocks red, green and blue laser light
  • Prescription lenses available
  • Blocks laser beams incoming directly and at high incident angles
  • Maintains cockpit instrument, device screens, other aircraft and airport lighting color
  • discrimination
  • Daywear glasses provide full UV protection
  • Nightwear glasses provide high ambient light transmission


PerriQuest nightwear is designed to combine three-wavelength laser blocking coverage with high ambient light and more red spectrum to preserve maximum visual acuity and night vision.


PerriQuest daywear is designed to combine three-wavelength laser blocking coverage with sun protection and UV-blocking for daytime use.

About PerriQuest™ and the PerriQuest™ Research Team:

PerriQuest™ provides creative technical solutions to address emerging threats against the American public and our military forces. The company is set up to quickly assemble cross-disciplinary teams of innovators and provide experienced technical leadership to produce practical solutions to difficult problems. PerriQuest™ innovations combine outside-the-box approaches with fresh scientific perspectives to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises™ is dedicated to the creation, development and deployment of optical, biological, chemical and electronic technologies that protect the American public and our military forces. PerriQuest™ is focused on aviation applications, as well as technologies to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of US Military personnel and law enforcement. The company offers research and development services on a consulting or project basis.


nickNicholas Perricone, MD is the Founder of PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises™.

Dr. Perricone is a physician, scientist, author, educator, and an award winning inventor. He has been issued 161 patents worldwide and has dozens of applications pending in the diverse areas of medicine, pharmacology and aerospace, and is the recipient of the Eli Whitney Intellectual Property Award. He is creator and host of a series of Public Television Specials and the author of several New York Times Best Sellers including The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and Forever Young. He is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and a Master of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Perricone is adjunct professor of medicine at the Michigan State University College of Medicine and has served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.


Kurt Rauschenbach, Ph.D., is Executive Vice President of PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises™. 

Dr. Rauschenbach has over twenty-two years of experience in high technology intellectual property development and strategy as well as research management and related counseling to companies in a wide array of technical fields that encompass electrical engineering, applied physics, computer science, mechanical, and medical technologies.  He offers particular depth of expertise in electronic and optical devices and systems, semiconductors, computers, and microwave technology.  He is an author of over thirty technical papers and an inventor of several issued U.S. patents relating to electronics and lasers.  Dr. Rauschenbach has over a decade of research experience at the nation’s premier research centers and academic institutions including MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Cornell University, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Hughes Aircraft Research Laboratories.  His law career includes positions at Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, Fish & Neave, and Allegretti & Witcoff.  He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a J.D. from New York University School of Law.  Dr. Rauschenbach is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar, and is registered to practice in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

kristinKristin Rauschenbach, Ph.D., is Chief Technology Officer of PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises. 

Dr. Rauschenbach’s 30-year scientific career includes executive leadership and scientific research in government, commercial and academic sectors. Dr. Rauschenbach was Vice President of Emerging Innovations and a Principal Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies and led research groups in quantum information technology, virtualization of large-scale systems, and programmable optical systems.  She was co-founder & CEO of PhotonEx, a start-up company that produced the world’s first 40 Gb/s optical transport product.  She started her career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, providing foundational research in optical network systems, and was promoted to Associate Division Head of the Communications Division, and a member of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Steering Committee.  

She served for four years on MIT's Visiting Committee for Sponsored Research and has contributed to numerous merit review panels for the National Science Foundation.  She has published over fifty scientific papers and more than ten U.S. Patents.  Dr. Rauschenbach has a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from University of Minnesota, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from MIT.
jenDr. Jennifer D. T. Kruschwitz provides optical design services to PerriQuest™. 

Dr. Kruschwitz has been designing optical interference coatings for military and commercial use for over two decades.  Dr. Kruschwitz was awarded Digital Rochester’s Technology Woman of the Year in 2012 for her innovations in optics and her support of women entering and succeeding in this high technology field. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona.  She holds four patents, several provisional and patents pending, and has authored articles in over a dozen peer-reviewed publications in the areas of optical interference coatings and color.  She received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Optics from the University of Rochester, and her PhD in Color Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

daveDavid R. Wyble, Ph.D., provides color science technology expertise to PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises™.

Dr. Wyble is President and Founder of Avian Rochester, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in color science and color measurement solutions. Dr. Wyble has worked in different capacities within the color field for over twenty-five years. At Xerox Corp, he modeled the image quality of the color electrophotographic printing process.  

He also worked at Munsell Color Science Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology, and taught graduate and undergraduate color and imaging science courses as an adjunct professor. Dave is active in national color and measurement organizations, having twice served on the Board of Directors of the Inter-Society Color Council and providing conference leadership for the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements. He also participates in, or teaches tutorials for, various organizations including: the Society for Imaging Science and Technology; ASTM International; Optical Society of America; Technical Association of the Graphic Arts; and others.